We asked our students questions about their experiences and reasons for continuing their educational journey.

How to make the grade and be a successful student from Kendal

What does it take to make the grade and be a successful student? According to Medical Assistant student, Kendal H. "My advice to make the grade, would be to come to school, study, take notes and do the work. Also, making friends in class is very beneficial as well because they can help you if [...]

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How to make the grade and be successful from Cheyenne

According to Medical Assistant student, Cheyenne C., this is what it takes to make the grade and be a successful student: "You have to WANT to be doing this. What I mean is, you must want to do this for yourself or family. Also, try not to miss school unless you absolutely have to. Things [...]

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Making the grade and being succesful student according to Savannah

What does it take to the make the grade and be a successful student? Here's Network Engineer student, Savannah A., with her answer: "To be successful and to have good grades one must have tremendous focus and a clear head. CALC, Institute programs are straight forward and are completed within a short amount of time. [...]

Kerri’s motivation to attend school

We posed the question to our Medical Assistant student, Kerri S., "what motivates you to go to school", here's what she had to say: "There are several reasons I came back to school. My son is my main drive. I need to do my best in life so he can have the best life possible. [...]

Ashley’s motivation to attend class

We asked Practical Nursing student, Ashley A., what motivates you to go to school? Here's what she said: "The thing that brings me to school every day is debt. The debt that I owe to my daughter; to provide her with stability, and the debt I owe to myself to work at a job I [...]

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Dasha’s motivation for attending CALC.

What motivates Dasha R., Medical Assistant student, to go to school? "My mom didn't get to go to school for nursing like she wanted; she didn't have the time to because she worked a lot to support our family. I really never thought of getting into the medical field. With all the support i receive [...]

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Joyce’s motivation to attend class.

We asked Administrative Specialist student, Joyce E., what motivates you to go to school? "The atmosphere at the school, along with great teachers and wonderful staff is what I love most about CALC, Institute. I chose CALC, Institute in order to further my education and update my skill set; and apply it towards a new [...]

What is Terrell’s motivation to attend school?

We asked Network Engineer student, Terrell, "What motivates you to go to school?" Here is his reply: "The CALC IT education program was constructed for goal oriented students. Throughout the journey here, I've learned that teachers will bridge the understanding gap between confusion and developing intellect when asked for clarification. CALC requires an extensive amount [...]

Megan’s motivation to come to school.

What motivates you to go to school? Medical Assistant student, Megan, had this to say to that question: "I would have to say my biggest motivation to pursue schooling is my children. They really inspire me to pursue my dreams and better myself. Having a stable career would be a great accomplishment. I've always worked [...]

The successful study habits of Brianna.

What study habits help you the most? Here's the answer from Medical Assistant student, Brianna H. " For me, studying must be done in steps. My routine usually starts with taking notes during a lecture, then highlighting the note-worthy information. I usually highlight everything I find important or anything I feel will better help me [...]

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